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Community Services

Julia And John Krug, Community Services Leaders


Welcome To Community Services

Adventist Community Services Disaster Relief (DS) Provides Help to Disaster Victims.

The Disaster response unit of Adventist Community Services (ACS) works with other relief agencies and local government as we have SOU’s with FEMA & the Red Cross to partner with them in their mission of bringing aid. 


Adventist Community Services is found here across the US and abroad.  Each chapter of ACS is defined by its purpose of showing love to mankind on behalf of our creator.   There are some that offer used clothing, coats, shoes as well as soup kitchens, tutoring, pantries, and help feed the homeless.


Kindness and Love: There are many needs, the greatest of these are kindness and love.   Some have not experienced love and do not feel loved or lovable. The principle of kindness saves lives as much or more than a meal.  


Lending an ear: People often find relief in just knowing that they are being heard, that what they have to say and how they feel matters. So as we partner with God to bring the temporal needs to mankind, our neighbor, our hope is that each will find the healing love that God intended for all of mankind to enjoy…


We here at Laurelwood Seventh-day Adventist Church, take Community Services very seriously.  In light of the current need, we are currently offering food and clothing services each Sabbath from 12:30pm to 2pm.  Please do not hesitate to come.